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Welcome to our Site!

 At Yess!style we create one-of-a-kind garments that reflect who you are! No need to settle for what's out there, here we can help you design, make and alter garments that WILL fit your figure and highlight your natural beauty.

Attention to detail, professional experience and personalized customer service is what set us apart.


When we make a custom garment we take our time. It is a process that involves at least three fittings as well as the initial consultation. Together we design a custom garment taking in consideration your particular requirements and  expert advise. We go over fabric choices, order swatches, we do test fitting on muslin fabric to eventually end with a beautifully crafted garment.

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Special Occasion Tailoring

Bridal, Evening wear, Prom Quinceanera, etc. They all involve a special dress that requires special attention. This process is similar to dressmaking the only difference is that the garment is already made! None the less, I like to take time with these dresses to ensure the best possible fit for you.  Most of them require more than one fitting.

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Basic Alterations

Not everything we do here is a long process... Do you need simple adjustments to make your everyday clothes fit better? We are here for you. Come in, get fitted and comeback in a few days to pick up your clothes. Easy.

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